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Edgar Allan Poe
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Courtroom Novel
A Bluegrass Love Story
Murder Mystery
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Kansas City, Baby!: We're at the HEAR Now Audio Theater Festival - June 11-14. To Celebrate here's a great MP3 file from book #1 in the Crum Trilogy.  Enjoy!  "Crum - The Novel"
America's Hidden Past
History's Mysteries
Volume 1
History's Mysteries
Volume 2
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16 Great Songs
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Adults Only! Audiobooks - 87 East Ryneal St., Martinsburg, WV - 304-258-8811 -
Adults Only!
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When you purchase audiobooks from us you help determined artists from Smalltown, USA as we work to entertain you. We know that you can acquire your listening time from other vendors which is why we add features not used by other publishers. We add music, sound effects, and mood stirring performances to set us apart from the larger houses where audiobooks are a business. At Mountain Whispers they are an art form.

We hope you enjoy our work - Ross, Cindy, Greg, Pops, and our talented friends.